Thursday, April 14, 2011

My reflection about this term

This term I enjoyed reading the book The Witches. I also enjoyed writing my narrative (which I am still writing) and I also enjoyed doing topic because we got to turn our desks into islands and being able to have a chief and making up what the villagers, queen, princess and chief need to wear.What I didn't like about this term was going swimming because it got really cold for me. But what I most enjoy is having Uala as my teacher!

By Stella

My reflection about this term

This term I enjoyed writing our narrative I didn't get to finish it yet but I did have a lot of fun doing it. I also enjoyed doing Topic because we got our table groups and made them in to Islands my table is called chocolate $ land and we were about to get killed by smarlys our arch enemys why were about to get killed by them because Uala gave our groups stuff to live with and to use. All the groups names Island, chocolate $ land, Death Island , smarlys. But my most favorite part about this term was having Uala as a teacher.

by Emily

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Softball Tournament

On the 7th of April Grey Lynn school went to the inner city soft ball tournament at Coxes Creek reserve. Our school players had to be at school by half past 8 because we left at 9. The walk there was long but not many people were tired. When we got there we put our bags under a tree and a tarpaulin over them so they would not get wet. After that every one listened to a man speaking with a mega phone but people could here him better with out it so he did not use it. He told us were the games would be and how they would be run. There were 9 comp teams. Our teams (comp team for Grey Lynn) first game was against Marist. The weather was changing heaps! It was raining and then it was sunny and then windy and on and on. We just lost. But it was a close game. Next we played against Westmere yellow. My hat got blown of twice. They won to.We won our 3rd game against saint Francis! Zeniff got a home run in that game!In our 4th game against west mare green we lost again!Finally it was our last game.It was a against Westmere green again........WE WON! We came 5th out of 9 teams. The walk home was tiring, but when we got back to school we got to relax for some time. My snap shot of that day was the rain.

By Jeru


Hi! This term for topic we have been learning about colonisation. We did plays to show what has been happening. I'm in the Chocolate money land group and the Smarleys are trying to steal our fertile land from us. Uala had three canoes and one ship to give out to the groups. Unfortunately Smarleys got it. But we got the biggest Island with just enough of every thing on the map. Some people from each Island designed clothes for their Island and some did recording. My favorite part was doing the play because Mia (the chief of smarleys) was very stubborn which made it more entertaining.The picture above is of our Island, the light green is grass land, the dark green is fertile (good growing) land, the yellow is desert land and the water is infested with sharks!

By Briar

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Room 16 census

In room 16 we have been doing a census. First we looked at other census from other years. After that we made questions and put them on paper. After that we did the procedure and took the census home and filled it out with our mum and dad. On the following Monday we gathered the data and made tally charts. After that we made our own presentation with all the data on it. After we finished we shared them. Here is mine....

By Robbie


In room 16 we have been learning about colonisation .We have been doing role plays to show what is happening on are island. My island is trying to blow up another island and it has not been successful. The islands are called Kiwi Island,Death Island,Chocolate $ land and the Smarlys. The picture shows what our islands look like, ours is the small one at the bottom.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


In Room 16 we have been learning about Colonisation and what it means. Colonisation means another country travels to another country and gets some land or tells them to sign a treaty. We all wrote down in our topic books why did people travel to other lands? And how did people acquire land when they got there. I wrote down people traveled to other lands because they wanted to trade, share, fight, battle and steal. People acquired land by signing a treaty, by killing and trading.

By Olivia


In room 16 we have been learning about narratives. A narrative has a setting, some characters, and an orientation. It also has a series of events and a problem and solution and finally an ending. Most narratives are made up but some are based on a true story. My narrative is about a bear and a seal that lose a weapon and go on a journey to get it back.

By Matt