Thursday, April 14, 2011

My reflection about this term

This term I enjoyed writing our narrative I didn't get to finish it yet but I did have a lot of fun doing it. I also enjoyed doing Topic because we got our table groups and made them in to Islands my table is called chocolate $ land and we were about to get killed by smarlys our arch enemys why were about to get killed by them because Uala gave our groups stuff to live with and to use. All the groups names Island, chocolate $ land, Death Island , smarlys. But my most favorite part about this term was having Uala as a teacher.

by Emily


Jennifer said...

Hi Emily,

I love your detail on the volcano and the waterful about how the sky blue water jumps up and piles a bundle of blue,white render ring.I love it!Just two questions,why did you/your group decide on calling your table"chocolate $ land? Also why did you choose Robbie as your cheif?Is he sensible at every thing at your table?
From Jennifer

Stella said...

Hi Emily,

I really like your picture especially the water fall because it has not just one plain old boring colour in it(nature isnt one solid colour though)and as Jennifer did ask why did you and your group choose the name Chocolate $ land? Was it because you all looove chocolate and Money?
From Stella

caitlin said...

Hi Emily sounds really exciting. You guys are doing it a bit more different then room 12 is doing it. We have to right diaries of what we did that day and right our feelings.How did you feel when you did your island.

from Caitlin!!!!