Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Softball Tournament

On the 7th of April Grey Lynn school went to the inner city soft ball tournament at Coxes Creek reserve. Our school players had to be at school by half past 8 because we left at 9. The walk there was long but not many people were tired. When we got there we put our bags under a tree and a tarpaulin over them so they would not get wet. After that every one listened to a man speaking with a mega phone but people could here him better with out it so he did not use it. He told us were the games would be and how they would be run. There were 9 comp teams. Our teams (comp team for Grey Lynn) first game was against Marist. The weather was changing heaps! It was raining and then it was sunny and then windy and on and on. We just lost. But it was a close game. Next we played against Westmere yellow. My hat got blown of twice. They won to.We won our 3rd game against saint Francis! Zeniff got a home run in that game!In our 4th game against west mare green we lost again!Finally it was our last game.It was a against Westmere green again........WE WON! We came 5th out of 9 teams. The walk home was tiring, but when we got back to school we got to relax for some time. My snap shot of that day was the rain.

By Jeru

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Jennifer said...

Hello Jeru,
It must have been a hard day competeing against other schools while fighting the nasty weather at the same time!Plus here are some questions for you:
Why was your snapshot of the day the rain?
Who came 1st out of the9 teams?
were you one of the boys who got tiered in the walk back and forth?
From Jennifer