Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hi! This term for topic we have been learning about colonisation. We did plays to show what has been happening. I'm in the Chocolate money land group and the Smarleys are trying to steal our fertile land from us. Uala had three canoes and one ship to give out to the groups. Unfortunately Smarleys got it. But we got the biggest Island with just enough of every thing on the map. Some people from each Island designed clothes for their Island and some did recording. My favorite part was doing the play because Mia (the chief of smarleys) was very stubborn which made it more entertaining.The picture above is of our Island, the light green is grass land, the dark green is fertile (good growing) land, the yellow is desert land and the water is infested with sharks!

By Briar

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Jennifer said...

Hi Briar,
That picture at the top of the writing is very interesting because it looks just like the one Uala drew!Fancy that!But I still do fell sorry for every one else because we are sorrounded by sharks!Anyway,my question is what part did you did?(e.g Drawing,recording?)
From Jennifer