Thursday, April 14, 2011

My reflection about this term

This term I enjoyed reading the book The Witches. I also enjoyed writing my narrative (which I am still writing) and I also enjoyed doing topic because we got to turn our desks into islands and being able to have a chief and making up what the villagers, queen, princess and chief need to wear.What I didn't like about this term was going swimming because it got really cold for me. But what I most enjoy is having Uala as my teacher!

By Stella


Jennifer said...

Hi Stella,
I love how you made some sharks sorround our little island!Thanks for that!Also What I enjoyed this term was having baby Niko come and visit our class!(baby of R.O.E.)My question is,if the pool was warmer how long would you stay in for?
From Jennifer

Stella said...

thanks for your comment and I aslo enjoy R.O.E.I could probably stay in the pool for about 15 minutes.(if it were warmer 30 minutes)Stella

Inga said...

I love the detail in this picture, Stella. Particularly the little worm.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for leaving me the comment Stlla.I really apreciate that.
From Jennifer