Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Term 3 week 7

This  week we have been doing Production Practice.The production is next week.Pohutakawa's theme is Survival.Each Pohutakawa class is presenting a god.Their names are Tu,  Tane, Tawhirimatea, Tangaroa, Haumia and Rongo.The production is at Auckland Girls Grammar School.Also for our production we have done pictures of gods to be displayed on the production projector.

Today we went to Auckland Girls Grammar to do a practice of what we will be doing on the night of the production it was very stunning all of the teams peformances were awesome!For our performances we will be wearing black or white T -Shirts and black shorts on the night.Room 7 are doing the jungle dance there are snakes,monkeys,giraffes,rhinos,zebras and lion.Room 8 are doing the Tango.

Also this week we are learning to write an informational report about an animal that we choose.In our Informational Report we have been researching on the ipads about our animals. Some people have chosen orcas, shark,rabbits,eagles,dogs,cats and cheetahs.

We have also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes on Geometry.
On our Geometry we got a sheet about 
2D and 3D shapes on the sheet it said to draw a picture using a list of shapes writE down for us.
For our Geometry we were doing a task we had to pick a shape and make a puzzle out of it we had to write some guesses for the people that read it.

now we have some JOOOOOOKES!
koock koock who's there mountain mountain who Mountain Dew.
What do you call a deer with? no eye deer
What did the monster say when the dentist finished filling her teeth? Fangs a lot.
What is a monsters favourite TV show? spongebob scarepants.
Pablo & Raneel

Friday, September 12, 2014

Term 3 week 6

Last week it was production practice at Auckland Girls Grammar School . It was fun. We went on a bus.
Our god is Tu. He is God of man and war and he is red . We  did paintings of the gods. We are going to use our paintings in the production. There are 7 gods in the book.The book is called IN THE BEGINNING. It is a good book.


This is a picture of us holding the paintings we did.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Term 3 Week 5

This term we are having the production. In  the production we are going to be Maori people.We have been practising our dance and walking on and off the stage. Our dance groups are in numbers to 5. When we do the production we are going to go to Auckland Girls Grammar School.We have been doing Maori art to be at the back of the stage.They are of  Tu from the legend about In the Beginning. The girls are going to wear puipuis and a Maori necklace.  Our class has been chosen to have a girl as the guard of our taonga for the Taniwha.      

This is a picture of us and the chalk lizards that we drew on the Upper Quad concrete for Art. 

Lola and Isabelle