Friday, March 20, 2015

The Beach Weekend

On  Friday after school instead of going home we went out of Ackland but before went out of Ackland we went to pick up our daddy.we went onto the motereway it took us one hour to get out of Ackland after 6 hours we were there.when we got into the carpark we went into our apartment room we dropped everything off.after that we went to a place that's called Ziziz and we had pizza. We went to the apartment and we went to sleep. At 7:30 am.I woke up. I watched tv for one hour I played on the iPad when my little sister woke up and came into  the living room.she got sad after breakfast she got a tern .after 3 or 4 hours. we went to the beach when we got there after1hour I got a surfing lesson.I got out of my wetsut and got into a long sleve wetsuit and a red rash shirt.then we when into the sea once and got some water in the wetsuit.only once I went like onto the beach. After we had a diging competition to find ping pong balls. I thought the surfing was great because it was my first time and I did really well.

MasterChef Kiedis

One of my favourite things to do is cooking. I like cooking so much because I like to impress people with my cooking skills. My specialty dish is spaghetti bolognese but normally I call it mince and pasta. In the photo im a chef for my mums friends. They said i look great then I started cooking. I wanted to impress my mums Friends when they ate my specialty dish. They thought It was delicious and Joyful and we danced. Then I played on my Mums Samsung phone. Then we Went Home and watched tv. I felt great because I cooked for people and they were impressed.

By Kiedis

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hugo's Party

On Saturday it was my brothers party and his name is Hugo.My brother invited three of his friends because there wasn't any room for four or more.My brother went to walk worth because it has lots of his favourite sports.They had mine golf, baseball, cricket and tennis.I wasn't aloud to go because there wasn't any room so I went to Stella's batch. When I was back they were having a BBQ and they were having some chicken, steak and sosagis so I had lots of the delishis food but the rubub crumble was succulent it was a really nice crunch and we got to have villina ice cream with it. Then we went on my brothers friends Xbox and we all decided to play Fifa 14 and we had lots of fun. Finally we opened the present and he got cricket wourld cup tickets and ten dollars.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Fun with Emma

On Sunday I went to Emma's house. We made liquid goo. First I got changed into Emma's old clothes because it makes your clothes really dirty. Second we got flour and poured red food colouring in it. Then mixed it all together. After that we put water in it then soap. We kept adding the ingredients and mixing it together. Finally we had nice pinkish liquid goo! After that we had fun over flowing the goo out of the container. Then we  poured the  goo out of the bucket. Jake Emma's brother had The idea to lie on The big mess. So we did! My mum penny and their mum Mands had to get the hose and wash the deck and then squirt us to! After that me and Emma had a shower then Jake. A while after that it was time to go home. So we did...

By Kate

Willow the kitten

Yesterday on March the 5 2015 I got a kitten named Willow. The first time I meet her she was petrified  she was really of scared of me but once she got to know me she wasn't as scared of me.  Today she waited at the door for me. We let her explore some parts of the house so she didn't get to over whelmed. She is very adorable when she plays we got her lots of toys for her. She doesn't really like loud noises if she does hear one she stops and go back to the cat carrier with her bed inside of it. I really love her because she is the first real pet I actually ever had I have only had fish for pets.