Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trip to the Art Gallery

On Thursday 16th of August Room 11 and Room 13 went to the Art Gallery because we were learning about diffrent dance performances. Some of the dancers were dancing to the picture and responding to them.After we looked at all the dancers we were able to make our own dance with Sarah and Jipena. My snap shot of the day was when Nami was standing in the middle of our flower dance and everyone else was the petals. I liked this because it looked really good. My favourite performance that I saw was 'Secret' because the girl whispered a random sentence in our ear. In my dance performance I enjoyed making Maddy into a statue because it was fun and she found it hard to balance. I learnt that you can make a dance from looking at anything.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Why We Shouldn't Do Homework!

Room 13 is learning how to write an exposition (persuasive text) this is my one it is about why homework is bad for you!

People say homework is a waist of time I agree because you already have six hours of school, people have sports on after school plus homework is a waist of my time.

Firstly homework is bad because you have six hours of school. At home is your only break from work because the next morning you have to go to school again.

Secondly sometimes people have sports on then they have to do extra home work the next day which courses a lot of stress.

Lastly homework is a waist of time you learn enough at school you could be at the pools or on the couch watching television but instead you have to do more homework.

Katy perry dosen't do homework neither does Justin Beiber so why should we?

By Caitlin