Thursday, April 17, 2014


on satday me and my dad went to my tag tournament. when i got  ther i lined up with my team  and i wached the teams wallk by then it was time to play tag. my team was first we got seperatid in two teams. one was blue and team two is white we won the game. then when we got ther we had snacks and drinks afta that we wachat the tag game. then it was our turn to play. then we won the game agen when we were at the tent i had a loly and so as my team after i playd on a tree then it was time to play tag. some pepol were out plus even me then it was my turn and we won agen we one lots of games. But the next game we lost to tonga. we came seconed.  I felt a little bit excited because we a medal.

By Lockyer


Friday, April 4, 2014

Cheeko's New House

On the weekend me and my sister and my mum we made a house for Cheeko. We made it out of cardboard, sellotape and pen and pencil. We drew the windows because mum said it might be too hard to cut them out. We made a big mess all over my room but it was fun. Then we had to tidy it all up, the bin in my bedroom and the one outside. My mum cut a hole for the door. Cheeko likes it because he has been sleeping in it and playing in it and eating in it.

By Isla

Can you see Cheeko?