Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Room 16 census

In room 16 we have been doing a census. First we looked at other census from other years. After that we made questions and put them on paper. After that we did the procedure and took the census home and filled it out with our mum and dad. On the following Monday we gathered the data and made tally charts. After that we made our own presentation with all the data on it. After we finished we shared them. Here is mine....

By Robbie


Room 12 Grey Lynn School said...

Hi Robbie
I liked your movie about doing a census. I liked the way you clearly explained what a census was. I thought your graphs were great. It is fun collecting data and presenting it.

Well done

Robbie said...

@Sandie Thank you for commenting on my census I really appreciate it.

Thanks Robbie

Stella said...

Hi Robbie,
I really like your slideshow it really explained how to make a census and what the procedure is. I have got one question for you why did you want to make a slideshow instead of a poster or something else? Anyway well done Robbie,
Cameron and Max! Keep up the good work!
From Stella

Jennifer said...

Hi Robbie,
You did a very good job at doing your poster and also presenting it infront of room 16.I also have a question for you,were you proud of what you had done in your poster?
From Jennifer

Acacia said...

Hi Robbie
cool movie I liked your census it was very colourful.
from Acacia