Monday, September 9, 2013

Ponsonby Road Show

On Tuesday the 3rd of September all of the Totara Team went to go see the Ponsonby Road Show on our court. There was guitars,  keyboards, microphones, drums, and lots of other instruments. They also had mats on the court for the cheerleaders. First the orchestra played and a boy sang and then parts of band played and different people sang. After that there were three boys dressed in black and they did a very short samoan slap dance and there music was from a woodblock. Then Fay (the presenter who came to Grey Lynn school last year) introduced two girls and they did really amazing things with their bodies. They also did a bit of ballet. Next was a group that were wearing fairy costumes and dancing with them were the three boys that danced before but this time a girl was dancing with them. There was a girl singing a song when every else was dancing. The song was about  her telling them to get together and stop fighting over her. Then the first band came on they were called Naughts and Crosses they had really great singers. Fay came on again like she did between every act and introduced Dr. Pepper (a 12 year old boy) came on and asked for an asistent Fay chose Queenie. First he did a hand trick and then he did a trick with his briefcase and then Queenie got a chocolate. After that a band came on called the Thursdays and the funny thing was that they acherly had there band practise on Thursdays. Last of all they had the cheerleaders come on they were throwing people up in the air and catching them doing back flips and every thing. Then Hannah performed some gymnastic things and then we all had a good dance here are some of the videos.

By Stella :)


Uala said...

Well done Stella,

what a terrific piece of writing supported by your very first iMovie. I think that you have done a great job editing all the footage from the roadshow, there was so much to use.

Oliver said...

Awesome Stella I really liked your writing because you described it well I also really enjoyed the video you made.

Bye Oliver

Kalia said...

Hi Stella,
WOW Stella that looked really fun
I think you did a amazing post I really like how you explaned what happened.
did you really take all that footage?
was it fun to watch it in real life?

thank you Stella for letting me read your post hope you write more