Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The First Day in Room 14

On Monday 3 February it was the beginning of Grey Lynn Schools learning year. We started in our new class which is Room 14. Our new teacher in Room 14 is Uala. We are in a Year 3 class which has 6 and 7 year olds.

Things that we enjoyed doing on the first day were:
-Doing our name art
-Meeting and getting to pat the class pet 'Cheeko the Rat'
-Finding and using our new desks
-Learning and playing the game 'Directions'
-Meeting our new teacher and class mates
-Writing about the holidays
and exploring our new classroom

It was a fun and exciting day because we started our year of LEARNING!

By Room 14


Anonymous said...

Talofa Room 14,
great to see such an eager bunch of kids. You will work hard, be fantastic and be very proud being awesome. I will follow your blog to see if room 14 kids can "walk the talk". Fa for now. From Otalani

Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...

Thank you for reading our blog post Otalani and leaving a comment, WE LOVE COMMENTS! Please can you follow our blog page throughout the year because we will be putting more things up on our blog. We will 'walk the talk' by posting up new things at least once a week. They will be around our learning and all the fun things that we do.

Anonymous said...

What a choice-as start to your blog, room 14, nice work. Great to meet you, Uala. we look forward to checking in on future blog posts!
from Fraser and Sal Brown.

Room 10 Grey Lynn said...

Hi Room 14,
it is good to see that you are excited about your year of learning that you have ahead of you. You had a busy first day. I look forward to reading more blog posts throughout the year.


Raneel said...

Hi Room 14,
I like my new class because Uala is our teacher. I have an awesome class. From Raneel

FINCH said...

this class is awesome because we have a pet rat! also because uala is cool and there are really good books in our class YAY! everyone is AWESOME!


this is finch TALKING!

Kenji34 said...

Talofa lava Room 14
This is Anton. We are going to have an awesone year in room 14.

Celia said...

Hi Room 14!
I'm Celia (Rita's sister) and i had Uala in year 5, isn't he such a good teacher! :)
I love your silly faces and you all look very eager to learn and very smiley and happy.
I hope you all have a good rest of your year.

From Ce

Celia said...

Hi Room 14,

I had Uala when i was in year 5, isn't he such a good teacher!
You look like an eager to learn and happy bunch :)
Hope you have a good year

From Ce

Anonymous said...

I like my classroom because it has a pet rat called Chico and desks. From Emma.

Ruth said...

Kia ora Room 14,

It sounds like you had a great start to the school year. I think you are alll really brave patting Cheeko. I'm still too scared!

Please come and visit Room's blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi room14 it is me Alyah I was excited to start school this year. And love my new class and teacher this year is going to be cool. My mum said my class is abit flashie coz we have a blog ;) I think it's cool . See you all Monday
Alyah vea :)

Michelle said...

Hi Room 14, Cheeko sounds cool and we LOVE your funny face photo! You guys were very busy on your first day of school, will check back soon and see what else you've been up to. Seeya, Michelle (Ryder's mum)

Ethan said...

Hi Room 14,
this is Ethan, Ryder's brother. I'm in Room 10 - I like your blog, you should check out Room 10's blog sometime too.
bye bye Ethan

Rita said...

Hi Room 14,

Its Rita! I love being in this class because I like the new desks, and I like all pet rats, ESPECIALLY Chiko!
See you tomorrow!

From Rita :)

Unknown said...

I like the silly photo it was funny you look great in the class room

From Isla and Marnie mary simon and my dog and my cat

Unknown said...

Hi Room 14! It looks like you're already well into your blogging! Keep it up and remember to always put your best effort into your posts!

Have a great year!

Shaan said...

Hey Room 14,
I really like how your first day was at school. I reckon that would have been a really great first day.

How old is Cheeko, Uala?

Keep up the great work.

From Shaan

Gene Gomes (Maia's Dad) said...

Hi Room 14,
Well done on your busy first week. I love the funny faces you all made in the photo! Haha.
Keep up the good work...Uala seems like such an awesome teacher...and I love Cheeko, The Rat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 14. Great blog, look forward to more exciting stories and photos. I enjoyed all the other blog posts. Enjoy the rest of the week.
From Carol

FaalogoLilo said...

Talofa friends and family of room 14. It was exciting to see all the new and old students that will be learning with Manutaeao this year. Good to catch up with you Mr Uala. Have a great year! Go ROOM 14!! from the Faalogo-Lilo family.

Jake Patterson said...

My classroom is very cool. I am lucky that I have Uala as a teacher. The desks are really cool. From Jake

Sasha said...

Hi room 14 it's cool to see you all together and pulling funny faces! HA,HA,HA!!!! See ya tomorrow!