Friday, August 15, 2014

Term 3 Week 3

Last week  in art class we finished our korus, some of us drew lizards. 

We also made a new publishing book. The stories that we publish are from our Own Choice writing.  These are some of the  people that have published: Rita, Pablo, Raneel, Ryder, Zephyr and Sasha. All of these people have published in the book. We know that is quite alot of people. Some of the stories are about.......        Goldilocks , The Chair of DOOM dadaaaaaaaa that was funnnnn... also Captain Under Pants, The Fire King, Diary of the God of Super- Ugliness, that sounds goooood.  Pompom and Tomtom and last but not least Raneel's delicious cookie recipe .

Now time for some JOKES !

What is 1+1=                                                         window

What do you call a nut that goes toilet                             a pee nate

What is a bubble's  favourite type of music                                 pop

by Rita and Emma


Nichola (Emma's Mum) said...

Great writing girls and funny jokes. Well done on your first blog Emma.

Sasha said...

Hi Rita and Emma,
you have great ideas for your blog post!!!!!
to emma just saying its awesome!!!!!!!!!