Monday, August 11, 2014

Tearm 3 week 2

This week on Monday and the week before on Friday Uala was our teacher. Uala was our teacher because Caroline was away in Australia for a family celebration. When Caroline told us we were so excited we couldn 't wait. When Uala was teaching us we had a lot of fun but we missed Caroline. We played lots of games like splat, hoopla and maths splat. Uala read us 2 books that he reads to George his son and he is a baby. Uala brought Cheeko in the class room and some people got to hold him, and Uala told us that Cheeko was 3 years old. Uala is a very fun and really cool teacher to have. We were so happy and excited that Uala came back. That was probably one of the best surpises we could ever have. 

Maia and Alyah


Anonymous said...

I like Uala and Caroline toooo!!!
You are all so lucky having 2 fabulous teachers in one year!
:) Bryan

Siena Jasmin and sasha said...

hi Maia and Alyah

Awesome blog.

nice word colours