Wednesday, May 28, 2014

term two week three (last week)

Last week we had cross country.It was also travel wise week. Travel wise week was all about laying off the car because the car is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to slow.And now we will tell you about our GIANT cross country.It was veeeeeeeeeeeeery tiring and challenging(it's not about winning it's about being better than before).

In class we have been learning Caroline's way of doing work ( we were hoping she would let us run away from school and go to KFC but sadly, no).We gotta tell ya that theres NO Dream works heroes books or cards in class due to distraction. We also have learnt new things like what type of life that was here 500 years ago.


what do you get if you cross a pan with a crazy person?

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Anton The master and Zephyr the master 

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Room 10 Grey Lynn said...

Well, first that was really really random.
second, i don't understand anything at all in that post.
but other than that It was a cool post.
violet and sadie.

Sasha said...

Hi Anton and Zepher, it's Sasha here. I think you did an awesome blog post espeshaly when you said by Anton the master and Zepher the master also when you said what does this word mean....
your blog was sooooooooooo funny!

Jennifer said...

Hi Anton and Zephyr,

Your blog post was very humorous and I hope you had fun at cross country. Travel wise week must have been good without the car to change things up a bit.

Great work boys and cant wait to see what you can write next.