Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Athletics Day - Recount Writing

On Friday 14th November, we went to Grey Lynn Park to do Athletics. First we did tabloids. We get points for each activity. Next it was moning tea so we ate our food.

Then year 5 and 6 did a sprint. It was 800 meters. We did the race together. Miss Sepora called out, "on your mark, get set, go!" I came 13th in the sprint. Finally we walked back to the grass to watch the others race. I was cheering for my friends. Itwas really loud.

After that the teachers, Year 6 children and parents had races. The teachers came last, the children came first and the parents came second.

At the end of the day, the whole school walked back to school. I was hot and sweaty, tired, sleepy and thirsty, but it was a fun day.
By Tatsuki


Room 9 @ Pt England School said...

Hi Tatsuki,
That was a great piece of writing. Where did your school have athletics? We don't have 800 metres that must have been a very long run?

Anonymous said...

to Tatsuki
I like the way you desribed what happend and exactly the way it happend. Also I agree it was soooo hot and I was really sweaty. But it
was fun.Anyway good piece of writing tat

From Elle

Anonymous said...

Hi Tat,
Your recount is quite short but very good. I like the way you described how you felt at the end of the day. And I think athletics day was fun too.


P.S: are you sure the 800 meter race was a sprint?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tatsuki,
your recount was great.I like the way you desribed what was happening at athletics.I also agree it was very hot,and sweaty.

from vera

Anonymous said...

Hi Tat nice descreption on athletics day i know you will be a professional writer when you grow up.

Anonymous said...

hi guys

cool recounts I really enjoyed the recounts. Its interesting how you really retold it and I look ford to writting a miny recount of my own


Anonymous said...

Hey Tatsuki
Great recount on athletics day.I really like the way you described each race with out giving to much imformation.

Anonymous said...

Hi tat
Good that it was fun I was hot sweaty and thirsty to.

Anonymous said...

p.s it I liked the moves