Monday, November 24, 2008

Miss Burts Last Day - Friday 22 November 2008

On Friday it was Miss Burt's last day in our class. We had a big party for Miss Burt on the same day as our farewell for Baby Silvie. Sadly Silvie was sick and couldn't come. For the party we had to bring a plate of food for a shared lunch. We hung up balloons put on some music then the class went wild!  The food was delicous and yummy, most of it was healthy and the rest was not. 
We were all very sad Miss Burt was leaving because she was the one who set up this blog for us. But the good thing is that she is coming back next year to teach at our school and thats great for all of us. We wrote cards and Keaston and Alex.W said they would visit and put down her chairs... I hope they remember. Anyway I hope we still get to hear from Miss Burt through our blog! 

love from all of Room 16

 Written by Elle, Casey, Lucy, Loimata and Ariana.


Room 16 Grey Lynn School said...

Hi Room 16

Good job guys! I'm really impressed with your solo effort, well done to Miss Meleisea! Hope you've done lots of cool things today :)

Miss Burt

Andrea said...

I think Miss Meleisea is very tired as she had no help in her class today. hahaha.

Next year will be fun and I hope someone comes and puts my chairs down.

Wee done Room 16.
Mrs Fale

LOIMATA said...

Hey Miss Meleisea
These are the able words I came up with for homework today:



Room 16 Grey Lynn School said...

Hey cheeky Miss Burt - I hope you are not to bored with out room 16. We are working hard and we promise to post a comment every day!
Thanks for your help at the Grey Lynn festival and I hope Joel had a good time. Make sure you write up your reflections and be kind to your teachers at university.

PS will try and load my video clip, watch this space.

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Room 16 !
You are so lucky to have Miss Burt and she is coming back next year ! How wonderful ! We like Miss Burt too and she used to teach us ICT.

From Mrs She and Room 5 Pt England School.

PS Say Hello to Mrs Fale for us !

Room 16 Grey Lynn School said...

Yeah we had fun at the festival, hope you did too! I'll be watching for the movie!

Miss Burt

Samera said...

It was fun,wasn't favourite part of the day was eating because the was so yummy.I hope miss burt comes back because Iwant to her chairs down. from samera

freeman said...

That day I was happy,sad and sick.I was happy because we had a big party.I was sad because Silvie and miss Burt were going out of the class.I was sick because the class had to eat so much food.

By Freeman

Tatsuki said...

Hi room 16 the praty was exciting because I eat yummy food and I have too much food so I eat any food

Anonymous said...

To Elle, Casey,Lucy,Loimata and Ariana.

We all miss Miss Burt .
"Good writing guys" you said everything. Here are 10 able words
disable,crunchable,thinkable,makeable,singable,unmistakeable, vegetable, recycleable - that is imagineable work. TIM

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Meleisea here are my able words for today:

stable and more

Oscar S

Casey said...

To all the people who kindly posted a comment on our work.Thanks again Casey

Casey said...

Able words for homework:


Room 16 Grey Lynn School said...

Hi guys its Tatsuki and Vera here.
Our favourite part on Miss Burt day
is having fun .Tatsuki thought eating all the food was too.

Hey Miss Meleisea,
These are our able words.
1. Irritable
2. Table
3. mangeable

tamakitoday said...

Don't forget to keep posting so that we can all watch your progress until the end of the year!

Loimata said...

Hi guys! Thanks for posting coments on our work.

P.S : we really have to put some new work on our blog!

Mrs L at Pt England School said...

Hey room 16!

What an awesome class with awesome teachers! I really enjoyed looking through your blog and seeing some of the work that you have produced.

You guys are really lucky to have Miss Burt next year. I was at camp with Miss Burt at Totara Springs in the last school holidays, and she was a lot of fun.

So what are you guys hoping to receive for christmas this year? Is Miss Meleisea planning anything special for you?

All the best guys and keep up the fantastic work.

Elle said...

hi comenters
thanks so much for comenting on our blogsite. Miss melesia I've done ten able words

ELLE :) :)

Vera said...

Hi Room 16,Vera here. Thank you the people who posted a comment .

From vera.

murdoch said...

Houla amigos!
Its sad that miss burt left but were still having fun and thats the point. But we need to keep up the writing, and look after the blog in miss burts name. Happy bloging

Anonymous said...

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