Monday, November 10, 2008

My Bean: changes over time

When I first got my bean, it was black and red and looked like a jellybean.  Now it is green, and it has leaves which have grown as big as my hand.  I used to have my bean in a clear plastic cup with paper towels, but now my bean is in the school garden growing in the soil.  It's roots are growing lots there because it has more space to grow.  Over time, my bean has changed and it has been good to watch it happen.  

By Keaston.

In the beginning my bean was smooth it had no roots and no sprouts. It used to be in paper towels. It was in a plastic cup and it still is. It is also still brown with black speckles.
Now my bean has cracked and it has long roots and three sprouts. Instead of paper towels it is planted in dirt to give nutrients to the bean through the roots.  My bean changed by growing sprouts and really long roots where before there was nothing.

By Freeman.


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Wow !
Your beans are really growing ! It must be exciting for you. I hope you can harvest beans in the end.

Mrs. She.

Tim said...

Dear freeman and keaston
Brillintly good descriptive writing guys
from tim

Anonymous said...

Hi Keaston/freeman

Absolutely fantastic description on your bean I like the descriptive words your using.

Anonymous said...

Room 16, I know that this doesn't have anything to with beans but on behalf of my classroom I wanted to thank you all for your Sasa that you preformed. We only saw the tape of it today but my students loved it, and thought that it was wonderful! It was so neat to have a classroom contribution from New Zealand! We cant wait to show you the finished version on Thursday! Thanks again!
Mr Webb and Room Six
Tamaki Intermediate School

Wm Chamberlain said...

Good descriptions, Freeman. How does this compare to other seeds? Can you compare this to a tomato seed, an apple seed?
Mr. C

Anonymous said...

Dear Keaston and Freeman,
Our bean have really changed since we got them.
You both have very good writing. It is very Descriptive.

I hope your beans keep growing well