Thursday, October 30, 2008

Describing my bean: Day 11

Picture by Murdoch.

My bean smells musty like a old tea towel left in the bath. When you smell it the disgusting scent stays in your nose like a permanent tattoo. My bean looks like a octopus with only one leg because of the little dots on the side, which remind me of suckers. It tastes like, well I don't know what it tastes like because I'm not allowed to take it out of the cup because it is growing, but I think it would taste like damp washing that was carelessly washed without soap. It sounds like an awkward silence, like nobody has talked for years. It feels hard and soft at the same time, like a cat, because a cat has soft fur and a hard nose.

By Lucy.


Anonymous said...

What does the horrible smell
smell like. If you don't know, my bean smells like dry raw cabbage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy
You have a really clear and understanding description,I can read it,my Mum can read it and im sure everybody else can.
My bean drowned because I watered it too much.And now its burried in the umu pit outside rooms 10 and 9.
I loved my bean but things change.
See you tomorrow.

Shelley said...

haha Rm 16 - your blogs about your smelly beans make me laugh and laugh. It makes me pleased I haven't been in your room this week as it sounds like those beans are making the class very flatulent. From wet teatowels to cabbage to stinky tank farm - yucky!

Great writing! ;}
Jericho's mum

Magga said...

Hi Room 16!

My name is Magga and i am from Iceland, i used to live in New Zealand with Cheryl Kearns. She told me about your blog, it is very interesting. I really like your descriptive writing!

Good luck with your beans :)

Pt England Scribes said...

Wow, I really liked your descriptive writing. Can I use your work to show my class what a good description should look like?

From Miss MacKinlay :)

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Lucy !
Your description is very detailed ! I like it !
Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. She Pt England School.NZ

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy!
Your writing is fantastic! Great description on your bean. My favorite description of yours is the octopus with one leg description.

My bean is going great.
Hope your bean keeps growing well and keep writing well!

from your friend

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