Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 3: Progress Report

I thought that today my bean had not changed much, but then when I looked harder the crack had grown.  My prediction is that a few of our beans may start sprouting tomorrow.  

We haven't just been growing beans, though.  We are also growing water cress.  All the little water cress have sprouted and they look like tadpoles!  Soon we can eat them!

By Freeman.


Shelley said...

hey room16
look at my beans on my blogspot!

Anonymous said...

Hi again R16,
I love the way your blog has taken off! Well done. I think its cool that you visited the New Entrants & included them. You seem to be having a very interesting time at school with trips, plants and other cool things. Love the photos, but most of all I love the excellent writing you're doing. Writers ROCK! I think you should tell your friends who comment from home, to practice their good writing ALL the time when they write online.
Mr Burt

Shelley said...

Hi Room 16 - I found a funny poem for you all about growing beans. Have a fun long weekend!
Shelley, Jericho's mum


Seeds are funny, funny things,
Some have stickers
Some have wings
Some are big
Some are small
Some round and flat
Some like a ball.
Some are hidden inside of fruit
Some in pods or underground roots.
Some seeds are foods
And good to eat,
Like corn or beans
Or nuts for a treat.

from the website: