Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 4: Bean Growth!

Guess what's happened?  My bean has started to sprout! I have drawn a smily face on my cup using a black vivid, and the bean is the nose in my smily face.  The sprout is big and white and is growing downwards, so it looks like snot hanging out of the nose!  It looks really funny.
By Keaston.

On day four my bean has made tiny changes. The only thing that has happened to it is the colour. The skin on my bean has faded away - like the sun falling into the ocean and disappearing! It has also put on a lot of weight - thats right a FAT BEAN! Watching my bean grow  makes me feel like a caretaker! 
By Tori.


room2 said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! We think your smiley face on your bean sprout is very funny. :)
Thank you for all your comments on our blog Room 16. We will be keeping n eye on your blog.
from Room 2 Kaipara Flats

Craig said...

Hey Keaston,
good smiley face with a snot!
Hi Tim,
this is a very cool blog, your class must be awesome. Was Room 16 where you took me earlier this year? Your very lucky.
Room 16, this is the best blog I read. I'm going to check it regularly. Take care & have a great day.
Love Craig & Kerryn

Shelley said...

Ew Keaston! But I do love the descriptive language you all used in your blogs around your beans - I especially liked the image of Tori's bean skin fading.

I think this blogsite may make authors of you all.

Anonymous said...

ha great face keast

my mum laughed at that one!
especialy the snot part hahaha
and she liked toris great description
she thought it was really touching
and could paint the picture of that sun fadeing away in her mind???

graet smily face and description

Anonymous said...

Hey Keaston,
great description,
you might wanna keep a tissue handy cause your been could use it!
By the way were do you get your shoes, they are soooo awesome!i love the green ones they were really stylie!

Rm 15

Anonymous said...

hey keaston and tori

how is your bean goin?

what is your prediction on how much your bean has grown?

i have a question what has your bean coluor changed to now?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tori,

Your writing is great! It is very descriptive
Hope your bean grows well! KEEP UP ALL THE GOOD WORK !


alex said...

Hello overthere.
Nice face made with the bean.
Tim it,s nice to read all the thinks which happens on your school.
We will follow all the stories on the blog.
Love Alex & Natasja (from Holland)

Anonymous said...

hey room 16,
i love all the great creative writing espesially keastons because it was funny and made me want to read more!!! mum liked them all and laughed at torys fat bean story!!!

from sofia (alex's sister)xxx

Anonymous said...


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