Friday, October 24, 2008

Baby Silvie's Visit

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Room 16  is part of the ROOTS OF EMPATHY PROJECT - each term a baby has been coming to our class. Her name is Silvie. When Silvie comes to visit the Room 16 children, we talk about what she is doing.  We have talked about her milestones over the year and I must say, she has grown very big.  Jill is another teacher who runs the project and helps us to understand different kinds of feelings that we may have but can not talk about.   

I am sad today because it is Baby Silvie's second to last visit.  I think baby Silvie has changed by getting bigger.  I also noticed that she makes a lot of noises now.  She can also say "mum."  She still kicks her legs as she goes round the circle when we sing the ''hello baby Silvie and how are you'' song.

For Baby Silvie's last visit I think a party is a great idea and we should make sure we weigh and measure her.  I wonder how tall she is now?  I am looking forward to Silvie's last visit.  It will be a lot of fun!   

By Elle.

Ariana shares her thinking about Baby Silvie:  
Baby Silvie has grown very big. She can say ma ma ma and even pull her self up. Silvie can pick up toys she want to play with and even let her mum know when she is hungry! Today the whole class got to see our baby eat mushed up apple!.... it did not look that nice - but she liked it.  

On her last visit I would like to share all the things we have learned. For me, I learned some important things like - do not drop a baby, never leave a baby on a high chair and that babies can drown in a teaspoon of water. Learning about baby Silvie has helped me to look after my friends and babies as well.   

By Ariana and Miss Meleisea.

P.S: Thanks Jill for choosing our class to do Roots of Empathy!


Shelley said...

Hello Room 16
I loved the photos of happy baby Silvie surrounded by smiling Room 16. She has grown so much. I hope she has some photos of you all to remember her experiences with you.

I made Jericho sing me the 'hello baby Silvie song'. Maybe you could record you all singing it and upload it onto you blog?

Enjoy your long weekend.
Shelley (Jericho's mum)

Anonymous said...

hi room 16 look how much progress we have made with our new baby silvie blog!!!!.

i show my mum all the things that weve being doing and i also said that wasnt even half the work of what were doing???.

its a great job room 16

see ya on tuesday


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

HI Room 16 !

It's lovely to see you interacting with a baby ! It must be refreshing !
We can learn things from everybody includind babies !

Mrs. She.

Anonymous said...

hi girls,
your blog is looking great!
baby silvie is very cute!!!your writing is great and i hope to see more of it soon :)

rm 15

Anonymous said...

dear elle
your reflection is really cool you had lots of great ideas that arent silly,
dear ariana:
you did a very short but simple reflection and i can just imagine you reading it good job


Anonymous said...

Dear Room 16

Im really sad that we are now up to our last visit
but Im looking forward to the silvie party.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well done Room 16 you have written some great stories about baby Silvie visiting your class. Come and visit us sometime and keep up the great work. A big hug for your teacher Miss Meleisia we miss her.

Anonymous said...

hi the blog is cool. By the look of those photos I can see the difference. I like the descriptive writing, it makes me feel like I'm there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Elle

Your writing is really good! Great grouping ideas and your ideas are super.
The pictures of Baby Silvie at the top of the screen moving along at the top of the screen are so cute!



Unknown said...

Roots of Empathy is a wonderful programme isn't it? One of the schools down the road from me has this too and you might like to visit their webpage and see the beautiful baby who visits their class,9,51,771
Mrs Burt

room2 said...

Hi Room 16,
We'd like to hear your "Hello baby Sylvie" song too. Great photos and what a beautiful baby! :)

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Miss Melesia,

Do you still remember me and Mrs She ?well we have missed you alot, but we are still behaving like normal.

Love U heaps
Mata &Jennie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elle I think your baby Silvie writing is great because it describes her well and makes me want to read more.
from Alex

Anonymous said...

I think the roots of empathy project with baby Silvie looks really fun and i wish i could be you guyes !!!

from Sofia (Alex's sister) xxx