Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Descriptive Writing

My bean look like a cicada shedding its skin. The bean looks chocolate in the middle of the seed.
It smells like the tank farm because it stinks! When I listen to my bean I hear the sea, like I would in a sea shell. When I touch my bean I get the hebie jebies, where my body goes all tingly and hair on the back of my neck stands up straight and tall. I feel happy when I look my bean, like when I open a present.

By Tim.

My bean look like a mutated jelly bean or a mutated rocker growing two minute noodles. It smells like a dead warthog coveredd in flies with worms in its ears and nose. My bean looks like a poo. When I touch my bean it gives me the hebie jebies. It feels like plastic. It tastes like grass. When I look at my bean, it makes me feel all good like at Christmas.

By Hendy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim
you have a great description on your bean i like the words you choosed they really described your bean

Anonymous said...

Hi tim and hendy
you both have very descriptive writing and you both had the same idea about what happens when you look at your little bean!


Anonymous said...

G'day Tim and Hendy,
I think your descriptioons are fantastic. I was very proud when I read your excellent writing. Way to go, boys!