Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bean Report - Day 11

I see a green leaf. It looks like a snake slithering up the side of the cup. It grows silently like a snail slides. It does not smell bad like some of the other ones, so I am lucky. It makes me feel excited like at Christmas when I open my presents.

By Oscar S.


Anonymous said...

Well done everyone, I was in a blog in Australia the other day and they had your address! (Hackham East!) your obviously spreading the word about your school around the world. Fantastic. If you would be interested we are looking for a New Zealand class to perform a basic Sasa (Samoan Slap Dance) as per the instructions on our blog, if interested please leave us a note as soon as possible.
Mr Webb and Room Six
Tamaki Intermediate School
Auckland. NZ

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Oscar !

What a beautiful plant ! We like what you have written too !

Room 5. PT England School.

Anonymous said...

Oscar.S great picture of your bean.
It looks like your beans growing well.
Your sprout is much bigger then mine.
Great writing too.
I hope your bean keeps growing well

From Loimata

Anonymous said...

Oscar you seem to have green fingers. You were also great at the recent school working bee helping Miss Meleisea pull the weeds (well- usually they were weeds!. Maybe you can help me in the garden!

Brenna (Oscar's Mum)