Monday, October 20, 2008


It's the one, it's the only, Room 16 blog, coming to you straight from Auckland City, New Zealand, the Earth, for those of you who are little aliens!  Room 16 is a class full of Year 4 and 5 students, and if you thought Hannah Montana had talent, you should see us!  This is why... one of our students was the main character in a 365 person school play, 3 people competed in the inter zone cross country, and another 3 competed in the inter zone rugby league and came fourth!  So you see, Room 16 is full of talent!  We hope you enjoy our blog, and remember, ROOM 16 ROCKS!!!!

By Murdoch

P.S: By the way, it's Hendy's birthday today.  He turned 10! 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hendy!
Sounds like R16 are indeed talented. That's quite a line-up you have there! I hope I get to see some really creative writing, artwork & movies on your blog. I'm sure that with a teacher like Miss Meleisea you're all pretty talented at that too!
I look forward to reading your stories.
Mr. Burt
Pt England School

Anonymous said...

Oooops ..... I forgot to say; -Murdoch, I thought your writing was really expressive. I love the way you are enthusiastic about your class. Of course you are better than smiley Miley!

Mr Burt

Anonymous said...

Hello Lovely Room 16! It was lovely to read your Blog! Well done Murdoch - your writing is very good.

Keep up the good work Room 16! You are the best!!

Have a good day today.

From Shirley (Lucy's mum)

Unknown said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. What a great way to share you work and voices with the community and world.
I will see you on Thursday for Music and maybe we can add some of the things we will be doing in Music class to your blog.
Hope you enjoyed your walk this morning.
Ka kite,
Mrs Fale

Anonymous said...

What a great way of telling the world what wonderful writers you all are. Let the world now that Grey Lynn School Rocks!!!!!!! and happy birthday Hendy and well done Mr Burt.

Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome

Ali said...

Hi Room 16. I'm Alison from our school Board of Trustees. What a great start to your blog. I look forward to seeing your news and comments as your blog grows.
By the way, Hendy, you share a birthday with my grandmother. She'd have turned 102 yesterday if she'd still been alive. 10 is a great age.
Hope you're all having an awesome Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 16,

I really loved reading about your trip to Mangere mountain. I also love your photos. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey room 16 casey here im at home on the computer checking out our cool as site!!!!!!!

Im at my dads so i cant send any pics but i will tomorrow its only cause he doesnt know how to?????.

oooh and by the way
ROOM 16 ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

HI!!! hey Murdoch good on you crazy story.Having a blog is cool.could someone please put up the homework -now that would help!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

dear miss meleisia and room16

last nighits homework i didnt really get and neither did mum or dad oooorrr, logan

Anonymous said...

dear room
16 one more question am i a good president????

im just asking???.

p.s i think im going o.k do you ??

Anonymous said...

Dear Casey
I know what you have to do for the homework sheet i will help you if you
want.Your also a good preident.

From Elle

Anonymous said...

Dear Mum

Thank you for writing the kind comment you wrote us Iloved reading it.

Love from, your dauter,


Anonymous said...

To Mr Barker,
Thanks for the coment on our blog.I liked reading it.

From Alex W.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Burt,
I'm glad you like my writing and I am deeply flattered by your positive comment. You're bound to see more of my writing n the class blog.
Yours truly,

Anonymous said...

thanks for writing to us.I think its awesome too, because our class room16
can not only present our learning on
our blog site but receive these fantastic comments from you and others who vist our blog.

from room16 resident Alex.V.(vice pesident of room16)

Anonymous said...

Dear Casey,

You are a very good class president. I didn't even get a homework sheet from Miss Meleisea!

from Loimata

tasteach said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I have a grade 6/7 class in Tasmania, Australia and we also have a class blog. Feel free to visit and leave a comment on some of the student blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 16, This is coming to you from California in the USA, Hi Tim, Great stuff having your own class blog. Look forward to seeing more of the fun stuff you all do at school.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 16!!!
Just checking out our Blog, how cool are we!!
I have to go to bed now but I'll be sure to check back in tomorrow
to read some more of your comments.

Anonymous said...

hello room 16,
i'm megan, ariana's aunt, and i live in berlin, germany.
i think it's fantastic you have your own blog site! i'd like to see some photos of your room, i bet it's colourful. i know ariana's very talented, and probably a lot of you are.
it's winter over here now, and it gets dark early. i hope you all have a good, hot summer!
greetings from berlin,

Anonymous said...
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