Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Descriptive Writing

(Patheticus Maximus)

All this week all I've heard is BEAN BEAN BEAN! Water the BEAN check on the BEAN what about the BEAN has changed? Ay yi yi, why couldn't we have a more interesting plant?! Like a venus fly trap, or a bird of paridise! No... It had to be a small, blackish greyish purple speckled bean.
I wish the bean was a different colour, that might help. I wish the bean was the colour of fire and when you touched it, you got a warm feeling in your stomach, and when the plant sprouted, I wish it was golden with silver mists shimmering in it's depths and moonlight dust all over it like diamonds, and it grew fruit that was the colour of cream, yellow and amber mixed together. And it's taste, oh it's taste! It would taste of ambrosia, orange juice, whipped cream and vanilla icecream all mixed together for one glorious moment...
But no, it had to be a small, blackish, greyish, purple speckled bean.

By Murdoch


Anonymous said...

Hey murdoch
I like your expretion and description
I can just imagine you standing in front of the nation proudly reading your exiting story to everyone, and the next day its on the front page of the news papers in every shop/dairy/super market.Imagine that.

Unknown said...

Hi Murdoch
A group of teachers from several schools were looking at your writing yesterday when I showed them your post at a workshop I was running. Everyone was very impressed with your writing. We thought it was a really interesting and witty post and we particularly liked your interesting vocabulary - and your Latin!
Good work
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

dear everyone,
thank you for reading and giving me such positive comments on my story even if you didnt comment thanks any way.