Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Growing Cress

In Room 16, we are also growing water cress.  For the water cress we got a clear bowl and put some paper towels in it and put some water in too, but we made it was only damp, not wet.  Then we put the water cress seeds in the bowl and made sure that they were spread apart. We put a book and a paper towel on top of the bowl to keep it warm and left it for a few days.

By Joe


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe great photo of the how much our class cress have started to grow. WHO would have thought that in a few weeks our class will be eating these cress in a homemade sandwich.....mmm cant wait!

ps about the homework, I will sort in class today!
Miss Meleisea

Anonymous said...

dear room 16
that was so cool. I am going to really make that.We kind of did the same because we made stuff like plants if cress is a plant but i don't know.

from room 15 pt england school

Anonymous said...

Meleisea when will we be
able to eat the water cress?

From Vera

Tim said...

Dear Joe,

Good writing you said everything in the right order
p.s. when can we eat the water cress

from tim

Anonymous said...

Dear joe

I cant wait until we get to eat our water cress.By the way your story about our water cress is great. The photo is really good to! Keep it up


Anonymous said...

hey when can we eat the watercress? Or are parents not allowed...

I love your blog room 16!

Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...

Hi Shelly thanks for visiting our very first blog. About the parents eating the cress.....No we did not grow enough - but yo can come and watch us try and eat it. Now that would be a funny photo. By the way room 16 think that it's cool you grow beans too. Jericho is very proud of you and so are we.
P.S we thinking you are a greater writer waiting to be recovered!

room 16

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe

Did you brin home the water cress or did miss Bert?,

Any way you have a great prediction/bean dairy
I like your expretions,

Ooh and one more question did you bring in the water cress?.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe I got bad news and good news lets start.The bad news was that the water cress had died .Its sad news but we will last news is that we planted our beans. Ps Please do not cry? savannah.s