Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day Two: Predictions for our beans

Waina: I think my bean is going to grow big and tall just like a tree

Misty: The runner bean might crack so it can grow a root or it might start to sprout

Joe: I reckon nothing is going to happen to my bean and now I'm thinking that it might die!



Marion McGrath said...

Congratulations on your new project.We are watching your progress from the west coast of Canada. We are preparing for winter so our growing season is over. You "lucky ducks" are just starting. As you watch the beans grow up the stalk, watch out for Jack!!!! Good luck. We will continue to watch your progress with great interest. We will be in Auckland in January and we hope to visit your garden in person. Hi Otalani, hope all is well with you. Say Hi to Madeline and Theo and ofcourse Mrs.Fale. See you all soon.
Pat and Marion McGrath
Comox, British Columbia, Canada

Anonymous said...

Wow our first blog from outside NZ! Yes room 16 are working very hard and they are having a great time watching the beans grow in the sun.
You have snow, way to cool and i think Mrs Fale is missing the fancy gear that you get wear in the winter
Room 16 will say hi to your grandkids and i will make sure to tell Mrs Fale to work hard at home and at school all the time!
Pat when you get here in January can you take me for a piggyback ride....thanks you rock and i will get Theo to save you a bean from my class.
room 16 and Miss Meleisea.

Anonymous said...

dear room 16
I thought that those predictions were interesting I will try my best to do it when ever i can. That was really cool room 16.

from Leoden Pt england school

Anonymous said...

Leoden it's good to hear from you on our blog. We think that the predictions are good ones and please make sure you tell us if your class is doing anything interesting. When we get good at posting our ideas we will be visiting your blog. But we have Miss Burt checking to see if our comments are interesting and clear for the reader, so at the moment we are practicing on our own blog. We hope to get the ok to blog to your school very very soon.

room 16 kids!

Unknown said...

Hi Room 16
You people have been very busy. I can see that if I don't come back to visit this blog often I will really miss out on what is happening.
I am pleased to see Miss Burt is good at gardening as well as blogging.
Good luck with the beans (I think you are a bit pessimistic Joe!).
Mrs Burt

Tim said...

dear Joe
look on the bright side you bean might be big and tall

Anonymous said...

Make sure that you take photographs of the beans at it different stages so that we can keep track of its progress. Nice to see this blog up and running! If you need another class to swap with/trade information with then you can click on the link to our class page.
Mr Webb on behalf of Tamaki Intermediate School, Auckland.

Anonymous said...

You have very good Predictions guys, I'm hoping that you are going to get a result that you want.

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi there!
Is that you Otalani ? What a small world ! This MR WEBB is very good in promoting other people's blog.

Anyway, just want to say 'Good Job' on a good blog.

Mrs. She.

Kirstin Anderson-McGhie (Keamac) said...

What an awesome blog Room 16. You have had a very busy term so far and we haven't even finished week 2 yet! I'm going to add your blog to the list of "Blogs we like to visit" on my class blog at and I'm planning on sharing your blog with my class tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled for comments from my Room 24 kids. Keep up the fabulous work - I can't wait to see what else you get up to.
From Mrs McGhie, Glamorgan School, Torbay

room2 said...

Hi Room 16, Love your blog. I will show it to my class tomorrow. We are new bloggers too. I don't know how to put you on a "Blogs we like to visit" list yet but I'll have a go. Our blog is Hope you can visit us too.

Kerryn said...

Hi Room 16, We're really enjoying reading your blog and it's fun to read in my lunch break. You're doing some very exciting things! - and you are really good on the computer! Keep it up and we will visit your blog regularly.
Kerryn and Craig in London

PS: Tim, maybe you could teach Uncle Craig to grow cress so that he can make his own for his recipes...

whistlerkiwis said...

Good job on all your planting and growing, or course it helps that you're coming into Spring. Here in Whistler, BC, Canada we're getting ready for winter, the plants are going into their dormant stage, the bears are heading up the mountain to hibernate and the humans are chopping and stacking wood! We've had snow on the mountains already and they are looking beautiful! Enjoy the warmth, Callum, Caitlin and Lily MacConnachie

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Congratulations on a very impressive start to blogging! You have managed to gain a very large number of comments in a short time which is the most exciting part of blogging!
My wife said to ask if you could come and try to rescue all of the plants at home as they are dying!

If you get a chance, come and have a look at our school blog, and if you feel even more enthusiastic, how do you fancy linking up with our school? We created the with Paranga Park Primary in Australia last year and had lots of fun communicating backwards and forwards and would be up for doing the same again this year if you were willing?
Anyway, happy blogging!
Mr Quigley
Head Teacher,
Marybank Primary/Strathgarve Primary

Anonymous said...

Dear room 16 you guys have an awsome water cress plant maybe one day I will try to do it.

Anonymous said...

Hello room 16,
(Aspecialy to Tim), Hello Tim,

I like your blog. We will continue to wacht your progress with great interest. We can watch Tim and his school from a distance. Very nice! I am watching your progress from Alkmaar in Holland. The cheesetown.

Mike and Martha from Holland.

Anonymous said...

hey room 16. Joe must be sad to have a plant about to Die.By the way who's got the bigest plant.I hope your plant stays alive. From moses Rm16

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe you've got a funny sentence there about your bean.Oh hey by the way who's bean has grown the biggest out of Joe and Misty and Waina
From JordanSchwenke.

Anonymous said...

Dear rm16 I really love your photo and I hope your guys beans grow your class rocks !. by vaha.

Anonymous said...

hey joseph
cool description on your bean but i dont think its goin to die.
And also a good effort from waina i like your prediction
I also like mistys you added in some really cool dscribing words?.

Anonymous said...

look on the bright side yours might end up being the biggest one!great predictions anyway!

rm 15