Sunday, October 26, 2008

Snap shot of Term One and Two

By Alex.V
Samera and Chris showing how to use the same shape yet producing different pictures.

Wow it's great to read so many happy new friends reading our blog. I do agree growing beans in the class to start the term was fun but Room 16 have also been very busy doing other things throughout the year, so I thought it only fair to share with our loyal followers. Also I am trying to see if Miss Burt is good teacher (doing this s0lo - look no hands!) and if I get this up I get a chocolate fish from my teacher (Miss Burt). Any way enough about me, have a look at what Room 16 have been up to since the start of the year.

In term one our class started to use paint as a drawing tool to draw pictures of our baby. This picture was done by Rahiri. The best part of using this drawing software was not getting paint all over the tables! The butterfly was painted by Ariana, her very first time using paint.

Term Two was really cool because the whole school took part in Trash To Fashion. Our class we grouped into designer teams and we planned, made mock clothes and had a mini fashion show in our class. Our families were able to see all the art work we created and the parents loved all our work! We must say our clay work was pretty fab!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice work Miss Meleisia! It was great seeing your work and it was a good effort for your first time using the blog. I expect to see some more!!!! :-]

From Joe, Room 16

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Meleisea,
Good post on the blog, it's like a professionals post. You had everything there that I wanted to see.

From Tim, Room 16

Anonymous said...

Cool, your post looks really good. The most favorite thing that I have done is using interactive board. I like having teachers that do ICT with us.

From Chris, Room 16

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Meleisea

It's great seeing our fab work on our blog. You are so clever. I can't wait to see more of our work on our blog for the world to see!!

From Misty, Room 16

Unknown said...

Well done Miss Meleisea
Great to see your ICT expertise in action at Grey Lynn. Looks like you have some pretty talented kids in your class from what I can see on this blog. Some pretty amazing writers there - and gardeners too:)
Looking forward to what you post next week
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

Thanks Miss Meleisea for putting our cool as term one work on our blog!

By the way ariana your butter-fly is double cool!
It looks really pretty! The monkey looks real funny! ha ha! I love seeing new work on our class blog.
i cant wait until we get to see some new work on our awesome blog!


Anonymous said...

Great to see all the work you guys are doing on the computer. Chris is learning all this at school and then comes home and teaches us. Isn't it interesting how we all learn from each other- babies, children and adults. This is the first time I have ever been on a blog! Such a good way of letting us know what you are doing. Keep up the fantastic work.

Anonymous said...

Hi there - anonymous posting Mon morning 24 is Debbie (Chris's mum) still learning!