Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Miu's birthday

On June The 23rd it is my birthday!!! I woke up really early and I saw my presents and I will start with my new doll, her name is Ashlynn Ella daughter of Cinderella. Goes to a school called Ever After High but that's another story. She wore a swim suit that is silk fabric , and her skirt  is lace with golden Flowers on it. And for my next present is a ....... Dollhouse it is up to my eyebrow and it's 4 levels. It also has an elevator, and a balcony. And it  was also it morning. Then I got dressed and had sushi for breakfast and lunch and had a fun day at school. When I came back from school we got to make The dollhouse , and it was a lot of work holding everything. For dinner I had plain old noodles and my Parents ate really really spicy noodles and dumblings I was not expecting that for dinner. After I had dessert, my called after we just came in from dinner. For dessert I had chocolate cake with milk chocolate on top , and also some icing in different colours. And the the colours were pink, blue, and yellow. The dollhouse has a kichen, a bathroom, a lounge and a bedroom. The end


Year 3/4 Grey Lynn Scribblers said...

Dear Miu,

I love your dollhouse. It looks like you could spend hours having fun playing and making up stories. It's almost as tall as you are!
Have a lot of fun playing with it and look after it so you can have it when you're older. It's always nice keeping toys that are special to you. I still have a knitting macine that I got for my 9th birthday.

Keep writing, Andrea

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