Monday, February 9, 2015

A moment in time: Waitangi Day
I saw mouth watering biscuits.
I smelt the dry grass outside.
I herd the adults talking happily with joy.
I felt the soft dry grass.
I wondered what it would feel like to be grass.

By Manutaeao


Ashley said...

Hi Manutaeao,
Your writing was awesome, I like all the descriptive words. I would like to read more.
From Ashley room 10.

Riley McIver said...
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Riley McIver said...

hi Manutaeao
Great writing. You had Descriptive words.
-Riley Room 11

Year 2 Grey Lynn Scribblers said...

I really loved reading your poem. Your descriptive words made me feel like I was experiencing the same thing as you did.
Well done!

Room 9 GLS said...

i like it

Room 10 said...

Hi Manutaeao,
What great Descriptive words.
I really liked your story love to read more.

From Briarn