Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hope and the talking tress

Once upon a time there was a little pricess named Hope. She lived with her mother and father and they wanted her to be perfect not normal perfect. She was very anoyed with this. So one day she wanted to go to the royal garden her parents said 1 minuite so she went to the beutiful royal garden and to her suprise she foud a door hidden behided a large group of vines. She opened the magical door and go in to a forest full of wide smiling trees and in the middle was a tall , wide beutiful oak tree. Hope smiled the tree smiled back then he whisped " come closer I don't bite ". So she came closer in amazement. She felt very safe here so she told the trees the problem. A wise tree said " Stand up for your self even if you are scared ". So she  go to her mother and father and say she did not want to be pushed around any more . Her parents accepted that she did't want to be perfect. Then they lived happily ever after.      Moral- Stand up for your self even if your scare.

By Elliot


Riley McIver said...

Hi, Elliot
cool Story

Unknown said...

What a great story you have written. The morale of the story is so valuable - be yourself as you are perfect the way you are. Love Mom, Dad and Riley x

Anonymous said...

well done kayne