Monday, May 9, 2011

Wild Word West Game

Wild Word West is a game that kids aged 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 and maybe 9 and ages up to 11 and down to 3. Its a fun game that kids might play. I like the game and I'm 9. I first played this game in term 1 in March and I thought it was fun. wild word west is a type of country game where you get 2 goes to try find the guy on the WANTED poster and you need to look at the faces that might match the poster. Also you look for the meaning of the word below the photo to find a word that means the same. To go forward you press the arrow to your right and to go back you press the arrow on your left and to capture them you press space bar.

If you would like to have a go click on the link below.


Room 16 said...

Sounds like a great game Phoenix!
From Kate

Stella said...

Hi phoenix
I like the sound of that game. I really like your picture aswell!!(especially the hat and glasses)

Room 12 Grey Lynn School said...

Hi Phoenix
I really liked the photo you drew which grabbed my attention.Is the Wild west game really that cool? I liked the photo you made.

From Nina

Malachi said...

The game sounds really cool. I liked how you made the man look scary. Us the game long? I liked how you told us lots of things and told us that it is people that are 11 all the way to three can play.

By Malachi

kayleen said...

dear phoenix
I really like your blog comment.
when i was reading it i got a shock because it was awsome your picture look really funny i am not trying to hurt your feelings it was just funny