Monday, May 23, 2011

Grey Lynn Cross Country

On Friday we had cross country . The year 5 and 6 did the whole grey lynn park . In my race the winner was Otto 2nd place went to Robbie and 3rd place went to Matt I came 14th but I don't care . They were giving out juice box's for 1 dollar per box I got 4, two for me and two for my sister they sold out in seconds . I had lots of fun and I cant wait untill next cross contry .

by Jack .


richmond said...
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Sepora said...

Hi Jack,

Love your positive attitude about cross country. You and your classmates were very well trained. Well done!

inaise said...

looks like you had an fantastic time at cross country. i was reading the thing that you wrote and i wanted to say great job

Year 3/4 Grey Lynn Scribblers said...

I like your class photo it looks cool.
Wow I wish I could be in it WELL DONE .

From Bay


Anonymous said...

I thought you ran really well Jack. Having now watched over 6 Grey Lynn School cross countries, I think the fitness of the whole school has got better. You guys are all awesome!

Anne (Board of Trustees)