Monday, September 12, 2011


In room 16 we have been writing poems. We have written haiku poems and cinquain poems. We are soon going to do slam poems and limerick poems. I'm really enjoying doing poems.
Here are some I have written myself.

crunchy buttery
popping crunching loving
Butter dripping from delicious popcorn

All Blacks
We wear Black and White
Black plus White equals All Blacks
We love the All Blacks

Sporty cheerful
crazy unusual friendly
A funny flexible gymnast

Rugby World cup
There are lots of teams
Screaming and shouting from fans
Smiles everywhere

By Amy


Luke said...

Hi There i'm luke your cinqauin and haiku poems are
fantastic i can't wait until i do a haiku poem From luke

GWYENTH said...

Hi amy
i loved your haiku and cinqauin poems.The poem i liked was the popcorn one and the all blacks.i thought your poems were fantastic.

Flynn said...

nice work amy

Elijah said...

To Amy,
Great poems I liked the Rugby world cup one it had people screaming
From Elijah

willie said...

nice poem room 13.I really liked the poem about the rugby world cup.

Stella said...

Hi Amy,
I really like your cinquain and haiku poems especially the popcorn one because it explained it really well i could almost taste it!
From Stella