Friday, October 7, 2011

Message from Raro

Hi Room 16,

Today is Thursday the 4th of Oct at 8:50am in Rarotonga, but there in Grey Lynn it is the 5th of Oct at 7:50am. Today is also the day after my wedding and it was with out a doubt the greatest day of my life. I have so much to tell you about our trip that it will have to wait till I get home. We hope you have been having fun while I have been away, but most importantly learning loads of new things. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday, take care and I will see you all "Bright and Early" Monday morning, Term 4.

From Mr & Mrs Toamaka

p.s Stella have a great day and I wish you all the best for your new life in Australia keep in touch.


Room 16 said...


We are having fun with everyone.

Hope you had a great wedding and are on a great honeymoon.

From room 16

Stella said...

I hope you and your NEW wife are very happy together!!!
I will miss you and Grey lynn school and of course all of my friends(My whole class)who are obviously at Grey lynn. I am also sending a card with something special. Hope you had a great wedding and also im not allergic to soy anymore so yay for me and another CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!(for you not me)
From Stella

Kate said...

Hi Uala,
I hope that you had I wonderful time getting maried to your beautiful wife!!! While you were there (in raro) school wasn't the same!! I missed you so much but now your back and maried (not engaged) everything is OK! For now. Don don don.

Gwyneth said...

Hi room 16

Congraglions uala! It sounds like you had a happy day in raro.The photo with you and your wife in the front

From gwyneth

Anisah and Olivia said...

Hi Uala

WOW!!! Georgina is so pretty! we hope you both had a wonderful time in Raro we missed you heaps
and heaps and heaps and super heaps!!!!!!!!

Eva said...

Hi Uala

your wife is so pretty and is very nice .Sounds like you had an amazing wedding and time away.

from Eva