Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my tornoment

On Sunday 4 of September 2011 my soccer team had a tournament at Madils farm we had three group games we won all of them. 1 Nil twice and 4 one once. We are second round this match was not close we had 20 shots on goal but not one went in and it went to penaltys. I scored my penalty as we won four two and were in to the semi finals it was really close but we let in an early goal. we domanatid the second half but we lost. after that we went home.

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by Matt

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Year 3/4 Grey Lynn Scribblers said...

WoW Matt! That was an interesting story. It was sad how you lost one or two matches of soccer. But it was also interesting how your team had played at madils farm.

From Kate