Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When I went shopping in town.

On sunday the 4th of september Hannah, (my sister) Tamae (our student) and I went shopping in town. First we went on the bus to go to town and then we were going to go to new market but we changed our mind and just stayed in town. We went to the warehouse and went to the food court to buy some food. After that we went to some clothes shops like, Supre, Glassons, Dotti, Lippy, Tattys, Cotton on, Rubi shoes, Paris Texas and peter alexander. Hannah bought a pair of shorts from Glassons, which I am very jealous of. Next we went to timezone and we did Photo booth, when the photo printed out we gave it to Tamae so she could keep it. I got a new timezone card. Then we went to Lush Hannah bought a tub of this lip balm but it was made out sugar so you could lick your lips and it would taste like vanilla, and I was jealous of that too. We came back home by bus. When we came back home Hannah tried on her shorts and I ate a whole lot of food.

By Olivia Meder

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Jennifer said...

Hi Olivia,

Wow.Now I know that shopping makes you happy and you could get jealous of your sisters things too.Was Dotti your favourite shop that you went to or was it somewhere else like Glassons and why was it your favourite?