Friday, July 8, 2011

100 Days of Learning

At Grey Lynn school it was 100 days of learning.
Before the performance we had our parents or grandparents come in and we had to show them the work we had done and the art exhibition if you wanted to. (I showed my grandparents my landscape and my really long narrative) If your parents didn't come then you were to either finish off a 100 days of learning sheet for your parents or do the thinking keys. After we showed our work we had to go up to the court to start the performance. First the Totara team did their performance. We did the Haka and sung a few moari songs. It was fun and then the kowhai team did their really cool space dance? (I think it was a space dance) And then next was the puriri team they did their dance to Here comes the sun. Soon after that there was the Samoan group it was pretty impressive it also looked complicated. After it was the Bollywood group it was really cool I really liked the songs and the dance moves. After all the dances it was finished and the parents could have morning tea with us. We had a long morning tea. After morning tea we got too see the other classrooms artwork. Then it was back to doing what we usually do everyday

By stella


Robbie and Maxi said...

Hi Stella,

You did really good explaining of 100 days of learnin!Great work!

From Robbie and Maxi

Room 1 2012 said...

Hi Stella,

I really enjoyed reading your recount about 100 days of learning. I was able to re-live the excitement of the day all over again! It was neat to see the video of Totara team performing as a Kapa Haka group. You were really fantastic on the day.

PS: Yes the Kowhai's dance was a space dance, because we have been learning all about the Sun and it's relationship to planet earth. I'm glad you thought that it was cool!

TES said...

hi roo m 16

I like your fish you got it is very cool.It looks like you have fun with those fish Ilike your blog so much from Tes In room 2