Friday, July 8, 2011


At grey lynn school there was an art exhibition. In each class two people get chosen to be in an art exhibition. The people who won in my class was Mia and Jennifer. On the same day it was 100 days of learning. In the library some peoples art got to go to pasadena intermediate art exhibition. In my class we did screen printing we did one with grass and the sky and one with one light colour, I did light green. How you make the screen print is you get a piece of paper and cut out the road or the mountain then you get the screen put it over the road or the mountain and there is a, well it is sort of like a window wiper and it wipes the paint through the screen and on to the paper.

by Anisah


Room 1 2012 said...

Thanks for sharing about your class art! Room 1 really enjoyed seeing it displayed in your class. Great work!

Tes said...

Great work Jennifer, that is awesome that picture has lots of detail

from your sister Tes