Monday, July 4, 2011

The rugby league

On the 30th June the rugby league team for grey Lynn school left to Cox's bay for the rugby league tournament. Some parents had to help with transport my dad helped with transport but anyway when we got to Cox's bay we got into our rugby league gear to get ready to SMASH!!!!!!!! We put on our mouth guard and boots but then uala told us it was bare feet so we took off our rugby boots. It was grey lynn vs point chevalier pirates. they did a forward pass during the game and they knocked on the ball. The score at the end of the game was 6-5 we lost by only one point but we didn't care as long as we had fun. Then we had a game with Westmere they were very cheeky and they had good players.Our person who got a try against Westmere was Matthew he was a very good player during the game. They won the game by 7-3 they were very good but who cares as long as we had fun in the game. Then we had a long lunch break we were eating hard out because we were so hungry so we ate all our lunch then we had a little digestion then we had a little play then we were training with the warriors we did a relay then it was grey Lynn against bay field. It was a tie so we had to have a golden point then at the end kiamana scored the last try for the golden point. Then it was west mere vs point Chev, Westmere won and then it was prize giving my cousin jeru got a prize it was porridge and cereal this was for player of the day Westmere won the shield that THE GREAT AND SUPER AWESOME MAN of the awesome super warriors of the awesome legend of 2011 and he will for 2012 the legend Stacey Jone's once had then my mum dropped off us at school they were Te Ua and Jeru and last but not least Ethan when we got to school we stayed in the car to listen to kolohi Kai's song it was called cool down we stayed in the car for about 4 or 5 minutes. At the end we went to room 16 had a little relax then we went home for a rest of the day and that's the story about rugby league tournament the end. thank you for reading about the awesome rugby league tournament against other schools. by yours sincerely

David-Ray Isiah lelisi
the end
HOORAY for grey Lynn's rugby league team



ethan said...

david-ray good slide show heaps of pictures of you thats cool when we were down there i saw you make heaps of yards on the field your mum was so proud of you.

salote said...

Wow Davidray one day Uala and sadie's league boys are going to be on TV like the Warrios and don't tell me that Stacey Jones was there.You are lucky because you and friends got to listen to songs and we are working hard.
From Salote

Walter Tully said...

Hey David, you seem to have a cheerful team! It shows in the video you made. How did they react when they saw your it? Anyway, good luck on your team, and always keep them closely knit. It's rare to find best buds in one team.