Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My swim traning

I train for swimming 2 times a week for 45 mins. My favourite stork in swimming is breast stroke because it is different to the other strokes. My hardest stork is butterfly because you have to do confusing things all at one time. my swim teacher is called glen he is nice but he is harder on the boys. I go to mt Eden swim school which is next to the back of mt Eden primary. Normally our warm up is 300 meters which is 12 length's. I love swimming because I love the water.

By Emma


Jennifer said...

Hi Emma,

it must be tiering to swim 12 lengths,just for a warm up!I have a question for you,how long is the 12 length swim and do you have to swim 12 lengths each Tuesdays for your warm up?

From Jennifer

Robbie and Mia said...

Hi Emma,

do you really do that every swim training?12 laps must be hard work.You must be really good.

By Robbie and Mia

David-ray said...

Emma you are good swimmer and really you swim 12 lengths for just a warmup.