Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aloha night

I could not stop thinking about Aloha because I knew how exciting it was last year so this year I thought it would be more exciting and it was. My most favourite parts were doing the dances and spending money also getting a ring and a necklace that both light up when you push a button. After Aloha on Monday Dean our care taker cleaned the school and if we didn't have Dean then we would have to clean the school now that would be quite tiring.

By Phoenix


david-ray said...

it looks great your picture has got lots of very good colour and you look great

Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...

Dear Phoenix,
It looked like you had a lot of fun at Aloha
so did I. All the music and dancing everything
was wonderful.Well any way I hope you had
a good time too.

From Celia.

P.S I love your picture!

Jennifer said...

Hi Phoenix,
of course it would of been tiring if we all had to clean the school!
Also you drew a nice picture and it stood out clearly to me.Question time!What time did you and your family have to leave and go home?