Monday, March 28, 2011

My learning this year so far

This year for maths room 16 has been learning about the census.This is the procedure of what we did
1. write down questions
2. Bring it home
3. Get everyone in your household to write down their answers
4. Bring it back so you can collect the data
5. Then display the data into graphs and write a conclusion
We had to do a poster, a news paper or a slide show.I did a pop out poster. I learnt how to do a stem and leaf graph and I learnt heaps of facts on the census like there is one every 5 years and I learnt the procedure and lots more facts.I really enjoyed doing Room 16's census!

By Amy


Max.J said...

It look's really good how you used photo both to miror your picture I look forward to more of your post's

david-ray said...

it looks great how you have a mirror of you and the cencus

Year 3/4 Grey Lynn Scribblers said...

I love that you are reflecting on your learning and also showcasing your learning by using Photobooth special effects. Way to go Amy !


caitlin said...

Awesome Amy sounds really fun and creative.You guys are doing lots of fun working in your class keep up the great work room 16.

Jennifer said...

Hi Amy,
Your poster looks great!Also you didnt just draw it you actually did it in a fancy way!My question for you is,how long did it take to make bits of your poster in a day?