Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aloha night

At Aloha day I could not stop thinking about Aloha night!I was jumping up and down. You should be jumping up and down to about it. I was the leader of the jump jam so I was shaking all over. It was really annoying because I was trying to dance but the parents were so close to me also the music started going to fast so what did I do.......I went super mode! BUT! my most favorite part was the candy floss! The candy floss was bigger than my head.
Anyway hope you enjoyed reading my point of view about ALOHA NIGHT!

p.s I can't wait till the next one


david-ray said...
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David-ray said...

it looks great how you put lots of colours into it and drew your self in it, marvelous

Jennifer said...

Hi Anisah,
I was shivering all over as well as you when it was Aloha!The leaders especially.You drew a neat drawing of yourself and also I cant wait until next years Aloha too!And the coloured dots sorounding you were very creative,also I have a question ,why do you think the candy floss was bigger than our head instead of just making it the size of our head?