Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Roots of Empathy

In room 16 we are learning to step in to the shoes of others. We have a baby come in called Nico he comes in every 3 weeks . He can gurgle, laugh and cry AND sleep . We are learning how the baby is feeling and if its hungry also NEVER SHAKE a baby.

By Anton


Year 3/4 Grey Lynn Scribblers said...

Hi Anton,

I really liked your post about Roots of Empathy. The examples you gave give me a good idea of what happens in your class when baby comes to visit! Your very lucky to have a baby come and help you all learn.

Keep up the great blogging.


milla said...

nicko is a very cute baby i wish i had a little brother like that. how old is nicko ? from Milla

GLS said...

Hi Anton
It must be exciting to have a baby in your class it sounds like fun. Your right about never shaking a baby
from Caitlin

scarlett and caitlin said...

Hi Anton

Room 12 have been learning about Roots of Empathy aswell .Every three weeks Melissa and Ryan bring in their little baby Clementine in for a visit .Has your little baby nicko ever cried when he came for a visit?

scarlett and caitlin

Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...

@Milla: thanks for the comment. Nico is five months old he was born on november 1st 2010 and he is very cute.
@: Scarlett and Caitlin: Good question but no Nico has not cryed yet. How is clementine?

from Anton