Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is a Narrative

In room 16 we have been learning about Narratives. In a Narrative you have to have a setting,a character,a problem,a solution,a Title,an introduction and an order of events. A Narrative is a made up story like who sank the boat. We had to have a hook which is like an introduction but make's you want to read it like the blurb but it is part of the book here is mine. Look outside imagine just seeing plain air well that's what I see my name is Leo I live on a Floating Island and I've got a story many year's ago when I was 12 ..... Some Narrative's have picture's here is my picture.

By Max.J


Robbie said...

Hi Max,

Great discription for a narrative!
And your picture was totally auesome!


Jennifer said...

Hi Max,
Your narritave had the most amazing hook I had ever heard of in our class.It had good discriptive words and this didnt happen now,it happened then!I love the way you told us that you were going to tell every one this was when you were 12.I also have a question,would you be in the 20's to 40's since you are rewinding to your 12's?
From Jennifer