Monday, July 16, 2012

Tasman Horse Rides

On Tuesday I had to get up really early because I was going Horse riding. We had to meet to the mini van at 8.10am so Gay could take us there, she was the lady who picks us up and drops us off. When we got there we grabbed our helmets and got on our Horses. I was on a horse called Ngati and another girl in my group, Ruby was on a horse called Whisper. First we did an hour of bare back riding that was fun. Then we did an hour of jumps and saddle riding and lastly we did an hour and a half's trek through the farm. I enjoyed doing jumps because they were really high and I liked everything else because they were all fun and exiting.

By Scarlett

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Sydnie and Phoenix said...

Hi Scarly,
That sounds like fun doing horse riding!
I wish we were there to enjoy it with you as well.

From Sydnie and Phoenix