Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our World

In Grey Lynn school they are building a 2 storey classroom block next to the swimming pool. They just put some fences up to stop kids going in to it. They are going to be building it in term 2 and its going to be very noisy. Im looking forward to having more space and watching them build it.

by Harvey


Ruth said...

Hi Harvey,

I am looking forward to watching the new building go up too. Luckily we will have excellent views from our classrooms!

I can't believe how big the area is where Rooms 10, 9 and 8 once were. I thought the pool was much closer to Room 11 than it actually is. What do you think?

kayleens mum said...

Hello harvey how are you i can't wait to see the to class rooms near the pool i would have to come and have a look

Milla said...

Hi Harvey
I am exited to i cant wait to see the classrooms. But i am sad because i cant be in them.

Nathan said...

Hi Harvey
if you are looking forward to watching the new buildings I can't wait to watch it with you.

Kerry said...

Hi Harvey, I wish I could do some magic and the new classrooms will be there in a flash. I'm looking forward to having all the classrooms closer to each other. But I'm not looking forward to the noise!!

toby said...

Hi Harvey,
i'm really looking forward to seeing the new classrooms being built up.I wonder what they will look like? I bet they will e very big and wide.

Kayleen said...

Hello Harvey

I really like your blog post that you did i really want to see the too classroom that is going to be built to
i just can't wait wonder who is going to be teaching in those classrooms


Ethan said...

WOW!!! it looks like your very interested in this new two story building im interested in this building as well but next year im not going to be at grey lynn school im going to be at pasadina you are very lucky to at this school to see it.


Year 3/4 Grey Lynn Scribblers said...

Great update Harvey ! You will have to keep the public up to date on the progress !

Have a great day !