Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My World

In room 13 we are writing about reports about our selves or someone in our class. Here is some information about me.
I would love to be fashion designer when I grow up because I have a big interest for fashion.
Somethings I love to do is watch movies, some times make little outfits for my toys, going shopping to buy clothes and jewels.
I live St Mary's bay with my Mum, Dad and Sister.
The sports I like are Netball, Tennis, Water polo and Swimming.


Ruth said...

Hi Phoenix,

I felt like I was reading information about ME when I was ten, except I didn't live in St Mary's Bay! I used to like all the same things are you.

I look forward to reading some of your reports on your blog.

Jennifer said...

Hi Phoenix,

all those things you said about you,really does sound like you alot!But as Ruth said I dont live in St Marys bay!What an outstanding title you put on too!

Phoenix said...

Hi Ruth, I thought it was interesting that we both liked the same thing when you were my age. Please comment on my next blog post.

Hi Jennifer, thank you for commenting on my blog post. Please keep commenting on my other blog posts to and I will visit yours.

Juanita said...

Hi there Phoenix,

Your career sounds promising and exciting!Well done to you for sharing your interest and whta you want to be in the future!

kayleens mum said...

hi phoenix it really sounds like you really love fashion i wanted to be a hair dresser when i was your age

Kayleen said...

Hello Phoenix

I just want to say that i hope you get what you want in the future and i heard that you really love fashion and design


Anisah said...
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Anisah and Olivia said...

Hi phoenix

WOW!!! that has a lot of information about fashion in in your blog we hope you get to be a fashion designer in the future.

Ethan said...

It looks like your a big fan of fashion there phonix do you really make your own clothes for your toys its really do you make your own clothes for you toys.